Rehabilitation Services

The Therapy Team at Aviara is an incredibly dynamic and energetic team that strives for excellence in every aspect of patient care. Our therapists are employees of the facility, not contracted with an outside company. We also have neruo certified therapists on staff.

We are committed to making your recovery at Aviara both speedy and enjoyable. Our rehab rooms and outdoor rehab area are energetic and uplifting, and we have state of the art equipment to help get you back on your feet as soon as possible. We use diathermy, e-stim, ultrasound, and light treatments and are currently building a second and third rehab area for outdoor gait training and our new occupational therapy gym with a 'practice home' to prepare our residents to return home safely.

Physical Therapy
Our physical therapy team is known throughout the community for their ability to rehabilitate even complicated orthopedic and neurologically impaired patients. Our physical therapists individualize a specific program for balance, strength, pain management, and/or Therapy training that will quickly get you back on your feet again. We encourage family to come to therapy sessions and become involved whether your loved one is going home or becoming a part of our home at Aviara.

Physical Therapy Equipment

The Gym

Physical Therapy Beds

Electrically Height Adjustable PT Rails

Our Outdoor Putting Green used for PT

Outdoor Therapy Area

Physical Therapy Stairs and Ramp

Occupational Therapy
Our Occupational Therapists provide treatment for language, voice, and articulation disorders, as adaptive equipment to allow patients to perform their everyday activities after an injury, and adaption of patients environments for safety and function. Our Occupational Therapy team also is highly trained in upper extremity fractures and upper extremity weakness after a stroke.

Occupational Therapy Apartment

OT Bed Bath and Shower

OT Bed Training Area

OT Bath and Shower Training Area

OT Kitchen Training Area

Wii Therapy! Great for Balance!

Speech Therapy
Our Speech Therapists provide treatment for language, voice, and articulation disorders, as well as retraining patients with memory, thinking and processing problems. They are also highly experienced in caring for people with swallowing disorders. Our speech therapists work closely with care givers and family compensation techniques for swallowing disorders, communication boards, and cognitive re-training exercises that the patient can then do at home or with our restorative nursing program.

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